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Computer Solutions ™ differ from our competitors in the following important respects:

Focus on Home Users and Small Businesses
We are dedicated to providing superior support and consultation to home users and small businesses for their everyday computer problems.

Good Advice is Priceless
Proper advice is a very important part of maintaining your computers at home and business. That is why we put an extra effort in providing useful tips and information to clients at every opportunity during the course of our repair.

Results Oriented Support
Our sole focus is to resolve your issues quickly and accurately. We respond to your requests quickly and can conduct initial diagnostic the same day of your call.

Results-based Billing (for off-site service)
We bill our customer for results, not by time. Instead of an hourly rate, we provide an estimate before starting a repair. We do not take deposits; you pay us after the work is done.

Customer Satisfaction
Our reputation is built on customer satisfaction at every repair. That is why we offer a 15-day warranty on all of our repair services (parts have manufacturers warranty, guarantee only on labor).
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