Computer Solutions Affordable Computer Repair Service in Seattle - Bellevue - Renton
Computer Repair EMAIL US TODAY
10AM-2PM 7 Days A Week
Tech support for general computer issues.  Windows errors, re-installation, virus, printing issues, etc.
When your computer crashes and you need to recover data, we can help. Please see our Data Recovery page.
We can remove the most tenacious of viruses, Trojans and spywares using our proprietary removal tools.
We can provide an on-site service at your home or business to setup computers and network, including routers, printers, and wireless devices.
Initial Phone Consultation $0
Resolve Issue by Phone
$10 - $35
Limit up to 15 minutes
On-site Service

Typical cost (cost will be provided prior to service)
Hourly Rate: $55 (miminum one hour, then 15min increments)
XP/Vista/Mac OS re-installation: $125 - $175
Data backup and restore: $75 (this is NOT data recovery)

The charges apply regardless of the outcome of service. An estimate for the service to be provided prior to the actual service visit, and the customer must agree to that estimate as a condition for us to schedule service. Discounts may apply with an existing Annual Maintenance Agreement.
Note: It is customers responsibility to backup your data prior to service. We can assist you with this, but we will not assume any liability for loss of data, or returning your computer to its original state prior to service.

Remote Access Repair?!

Have a software problem? Need someone to just install a new software, or remove SPYWARE/VIRUS. Do you have high speed internet? We offer remote access repair. With today's technology remote repair has never been easier. To start a remote repair session, go to contact us page and click on Remote Support logo, then just call our office for further assistance. Watch us do the work or simply go on about your business. You will receive a call when we are finished. Call during normal business hours to schedule a time that best fits your schedule.

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